The live stage of the Open Day 8 September 2021

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Please come to this page to view the live stage on the 8 September between 10am and 12pm

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Go to the profile of Naranbaatar Sainbayr
about 1 month ago

good luck all

Go to the profile of Muscat Raisa
about 1 month ago

good morning, one question i would like to apply for a level 4- in financial crime prevention. Do we have a deadline to pay for the course please? 

Hello, you need to enrol by 1 week prior to the first virtual classroom. That goes for every course.  The first VC is either 11 or 12th October for Dip in FCP

Go to the profile of Peerbocus Shaheen
about 1 month ago

good morning, my question is , do we need to complete all advanced certificates before going to the next level? 
thank you 

Shaheen from Mauritius

Hello, no you do not have to complete all, what I would recommend you do is to view the presentations we have on all of the different levels, please do here to see the links to them:

Go to the profile of Amankwah Roberta
about 1 month ago

Would you consider the Finance Crime Prevention as the best enrolled and sought after programme?

Good question!  Can I ask you to post this in the slido chat next to the video please?  Many thanks 

Go to the profile of Stephani Ramos
about 1 month ago

Where can I see all the question and send mine? 

There is a chat function to the right side of the video screen where you can pose questions, thank you

Go to the profile of Anna Gbemre
about 1 month ago

Am a little confused as to where to start on my ICA journey. I am currently a KYC/ CDD analyst and have been for the last couple of years I have a Bsc but hold no other degrees so I feel like having some qualifications would enhance my career but don’t know where to start… level 1 or 2 or jump straight to level 4… pls advise

Hi Anna, this depends on how comfortable you are with studying, then with 2 years experience you could consider the Level 4, Advanced certificate in Practical CDD . This will build on the skills you have already gained in your role, and is practically focused so yoy can begin applying knowledge straight away

Please note today only we have a dedicated team on LiveChat to answer your specific questions until 1pm today :-)

Go to the profile of Hazarika Simanta
about 1 month ago


I am from India. I have already completed ICA Anti Money Laundering Course recently. I ma having 22 years experience in Banking Operations. Now how to move to AML or Compliance.

Kindly confirm