Introducing OneTrust GRC Policy Management

Engage stakeholders to develop, distribute and monitor corporate compliance standards 

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Policy management can frequently be a sidelined initiative for HR and compliance teams to manually coordinate across departments to collect best practices and requirements. In addition to a central repository of published documentation, there are several needs on both the back-end development as well as front-end distribution to be addressed when it comes to policy management. Beyond having a centralised source to access corporate rules and expectations, teams need a collaborative tool to facilitate appropriate buy-in as policies are drafted.

What is OneTrust GRC Policy Management?

OneTrust GRC Policy Management is among the latest products in the OneTrust GRC suite of products. Policy management is designed to support both the development and distribution of internal and public-facing policies across your organisation. Companies can streamline, structure, and organise processes to create and publish policies across departments. Organisations have flexible options to operate within a single platform to author, review, and collaborate on policy development or integrate into third-party document repositories. OneTrust GRC Policy solution goes beyond just publishing policies, by automating policy distribution and measuring attestation to confirm both receipt and understanding.

What makes the OneTrust GRC policy solution unique?

Policy Management offers a depth of functionality within itself but can also play a larger role in your GRC ecosystem. With tailored role-based access, compliance and human resource teams can directly engage specific contributors to review or collaborate on content development. Once documentation is published, the system can target distribution across your organisation, to specific business units or unattested individuals. Policies can be linked directly to control records and attestation metrics can be reinforced and updated based on control efficiency tests to monitor policy adoption and performance in real-time. Organisations using OneTrust Policy Management can collect detailed metrics on who has received, acknowledged and confirmed understanding of various policies within your corporate catalogue.

Beyond streamlining and measuring the development and distribution of policies, OneTrust Policy Management can:

  • Incorporate compliance requirements – The Policy Management tool is also directly integrated into the OneTrust DataGuidance Organisations can pull from regulatory boilerplates to mirror policy language and reflect specific requirements.
  • Take action to support policy adoption – OneTrust Athena™ AI can monitor attestation rates and fluctuations and make informed suggestions to your team. Athena understands the context of your policies because she is familiar with your policy library, the regulatory environment and your latest attestation metrics. Based on this understanding, Athena can make suggestions such as flagging policy sections and terminology that may be causing confusion and contributing to low attestation.
  • Integrated just-in time training – Policy Management is also integrated with OneTrust Awareness Training. Athena knows which courses align with which policy initiatives and can make training suggestions linked directly to the OneTrust Awareness Training course library based on policy performance and context.

OneTrust Policy Management and Athena AI provide the tools needed for your team to improve policy adoption and shift from policy creation and enforcement from a tactical practice to a strategic initiative.


OneTrust GRC

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OneTrust GRC enables risk, compliance and audit professionals to identify, measure, and remediate risk across their business to comply with internal rules and external regulations. With OneTrust GRC, companies can seamlessly integrate risk management into their day to day activities. OneTrust GRC is a part of OneTrust, the #1 most widely used privacy, security and third-party risk platform trusted by more than 4,000 customers and powered by 60 awarded patents. OneTrust GRC seamlessly integrates with the entire OneTrust platform, including, OneTrust Privacy, OneTrust Vendorpedia™, OneTrust DataGuidance™, and OneTrust PreferenceChoice™.

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