Assessment guidelines


Assessment Framework

ICA has an Assessment Framework that sets out the principles, practices and conducts of assessment, and outlines the processes we go through when making assessment decisions.

This document illustrates the ICA assessment framework and should be read in conjunction with the other ICA policies and information provided below.

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Awarding Regulations and Guidelines

  1. The minimum pass mark for each piece of assessment is 40%, If a candidate fails to achieve this mark in any assessment, they will need to retake that element, answering a different assignment or examination.

  2. Candidates must achieve an overall average mark of 50% in order to pass the programme.

  3. The maximum number of attempts for any assessment is two. This does not include any re-assessment granted by the Assessment Board due to mitigating circumstances.

  4. Where a candidate has failed one or more assessment components, their mark for the re-assessment will be capped at 50 (or the minimum mark needed to pass the overall qualification).

  5. The Assessment Board shall have the power to determine whether a candidate is required to repeat one or more pieces of assessed work.

  6. Decisions as to which piece of assessed work needs to be retaken, where a choice exists, will be determined exclusively by the Assessment Board.

  7. Candidates granted the right to re-take an assessment must complete the re-take at the next available opportunity. The right to defer is not automatic.

  8. Where a candidate fails to pass the course after exhausting all re-take opportunities, they will be offered a Certificate of Attendance.

  9. Where mitigating circumstances have been accepted by the Assessment Board for a candidate who has failed an assessment component or the overall assessment, amendments to the awarding classification can be made by the Assessment Board but the mark awarded will remain the same. The candidate will be recorded as having passed with mitigating grounds.

  10. Where a candidate has achieved a passing mark in an assessment, they may not repeat that assessment with the objective of trying to increase the mark for that piece of work.

  11. Where a candidate’s final mark is borderline i.e. 49, 59, 69, the Assessment Board will review the candidate’s assessment with a view to increasing the overall grade.

  12. In the event of failure by a candidate, the Assessment Board shall have the power to recommend that the candidate be awarded a lower level of award. To be eligible for this the candidate must have achieved a mark of 40 or above in each of the elements of assessment.

  13. If the candidate is not eligible to be awarded a lower level of award the Board may award a certificate of attendance.

Assessment Boards

The meeting of an Assessment Board is an important occasion where the final marks and grades are confirmed and how ICA verifies that academic standards are appropriate in the relevant subject.

This document details the principles that govern how Assessment Boards must be ran.

Download ICA's Assessment Board policy

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