Operational Risk

It's the final day of the fesitival and today's sessions on the Main Stage include: Preparing data and ethics breaches with Linda Thieolvá from One Trust; and rounding off the day we have a panel discussion looking at managing risk in changing times with Stephen Purdie, Sara Cerminara, Mike Melia, and Colin Christie. Join the sessions live respectively at 10am, 10:45am and 11:30am BST.

3 Sessions

Session Two (10:45am) - The Data Breach vs. The Ethics Breach: How to Prepare for Both

In today’s age of 72-hour breach reporting and the 24/7 news cycle, data breaches seem like a daily headline. While consumers may no longer be shocked by their data being lost or stolen, the way in which an incident occurs can impact the level of reputational damage resulting from a breach. Stakeholders are understanding the difference between a data breach that may occur from a security flaw and an ‘ethics breach’, in which a company was careless with personal information or sought to capitalise on the improper use of data. In this session, we’ll review case studies from recent breaches and analyse which situations qualify as an ‘ethics breach’. We’ll also provide an incident and breach toolkit, including tips to avoid the catastrophe of an ethics breach violation in your company.

Session One (10am) - TBC

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Session Three (11:30am) - Managing Risk in Changing times

This session will examine the steps necessary to lead people through change in a global organisation.  The speakers will discuss the use of stakeholder management (bottom-up and top-down), and will demonstrate that effective compliance is embedded in processes where it becomes ‘business as usual’

What you'll learn

  • How to identify the difference between a data breach and an ethics breach.
  • Application of stakeholder management.

The Instructors