People, Profit and Planet

It's day seven and here we focus on our theme of People, Proft and Planet. Our sessions on the Main Stage today include: Key tips for building positive mental health with Peter Larkum; A panel discussion around change and sustainability within the world of compliance. Panelists include Rob Dagg, Ndidi Njoku, Daniel Chang and Jason Holt; and finally James Wood-Rickett guides us through the global issue of wildlife traffiking. See the sessions live respectively at 10am, 10:45am and 11:30am BST.

3 Sessions

Session One (10am) - Mental Health: How to Address the Stress

Mental Health first aider Peter Larkham addresses some key questions on mental health

Session Two (10:45am) - How is change sustainable?

This panel session will focus on the hot topic of sustainability and its intersection with the compliance world. The concept of ‘sustainability’ is a broad, comprising elements of economics, environment and society. This raises the questions: Who is responsible for sustainability goals? What do regulators expect to see? and Where does the compliance function fit in? What is clear is that framing decisions in the longer term has fundamental links to issues of ethics and culture – key interests of those in the compliance world.

Session Three (11:30am) - Poached – The Global Problem of Wildlife Trafficking

We will take a whirlwind tour of the damage that wildlife trafficking is causing humanity and the financial system. The workshop will also offer an overview of what is being done to tackle this issue by financial institutions and regulators around the world.

What you'll learn

  • • Who is responsible for sustainability goals?
  • • Measures that firms can take to prevent the facilitation of wildlife trafficking.

The Instructors