Day five of the festival sees Leadership as our theme. Our sessions on the Main Stage include: A panel discussion focussing on leading in a changing environment with Fiona Hipkiss, Jessica Cook and Brandon Daniels; following that, Donald McPherson walks us through emotional intelligence in top management; and finally we explore mental toughness with Penny Mallory. Join each session live respectively at 10am, 10:45am and 11:30am BST.

3 Sessions

Session One (10am) - Leading in a changing environment

We are two to three months into the ‘new world’, and the current situation looks unlikely to change for many people for several months. As managers, how do we lead our teams, adapt our management style, and manage workloads while also looking after our own well-being? In this panel session, moderated by Paul Asare-Archer FICA, Director of Compliance at O2, our guest speakers Fiona Hipkiss, Jessica Cook and Brandon Daniels share their experiences and insights of leading in a changing environment, while outlining their plans for the next six months

Session Two (10:45am) - Emotional Intelligence at Board and Senior Management Level

If risk and compliance professionals want their voice to be heard around the board table, they need to supplement their technical expertise with a broader range of skills. This session will look at the attributes of an effective board or other leadership group, and the interpersonal skills needed for members of that group to contribute to its success. We will look in particular at the importance of 'emotional intelligence' - awareness of the role of emotions in your own and others’ behaviours - in high-performing boards.

Session Three (11:30am) - Mental Toughness: Responding to challenges you may have never faced before

The mentally tough thrive in this world, because they can manage the stress, pressure and challenges of life. They bounce back from crises and tough times, and recover quickly from setbacks. Mental toughness is not an aggressive or macho notion – some of the quietest, most modest people have genuine confidence, commitment, focus, determination, resilience and feel they have control of their lives. In this 30-minute presentation, Penny Mallory, former rally champion and motivational speaker, will share with you the four components of mental toughness. She will explain what you can do to develop them in yourself, offering a new perspective and leaving you better able to respond to challenges that you’ve never faced before.

What you'll learn

  • The experiences and insights of four key industry experts leading in a changing environment
  • The requisit attributes required of top management for success
  • The four components of mental toughness

The Instructors