On todays Main Stage we bring you: a panel session discussion between Wasseem Abdulhag, Chris McDonagh, Tarek Howayek and Luma Zitani; The potential approaches to automating compliance activities, with Robert Luu of Galvanize; and finally our day concludes with Christian Broere and Aofie May of Wolters Kluwera showing what happens when Risktech meets Regtech. Join them live respectively at 10am, 10:45am and 11:30am BST.

3 Sessions

Session One (10am) - Implementing CDD technology (Panel Session)

This panel session, bought to you by Wasseem Abdulhag, Chris McDonagh, Tarek Howayek and Luma Zitani explores the challenges presented by COVID-19, Implementing new technology, Practical aspects of RegTech and Innovative solutions and overcoming the challenges they may present.

Session Two (10:45am) - Reducing The Burden Of The First Line Whilst Increasing Assurance

Well constructed and defined compliance processes are only ever effective when they are truly embedded within the frontlines of the organisation. However, for all the talk of building a ‘culture of compliance’ most compliance leaders know that survey fatigue and an over reliance on qualitative control assessments can be a real problem. The challenge for compliance professionals is to ensure that they deliver the assurance the organisation needs without placing an excessive burden on the business. In this session we will discuss potential approaches to automating compliance activities, reducing reliance on qualitative and error-prone assessments and achieving greater confidence in your organisations compliance risk posture.

Session Three (11:30am) - When RiskTech meets RegTech: How far can AI really get us

In this session we will consider how the correct use of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence can benefit your firm. We will look at how these technologies are currently being used by your peers, how they can help your overall risk strategy by assessing risk in context and what the regulator thinks of these new ways of working.  This will include: The role of Artificial Intelligence, Process enhancements vs decision making, The impact of regulation on your risk framework  Risk assessments with context, The impact of emerging technology on Individual accountability, and Delegation to an algorithm

What you'll learn

The Instructors

James Thomas