Fraud is our theme of today. Our speakers on the Main Stage include: Omri Kletter from Bottomline, looking at the fight against fraud and financial crime; from The Dark Money Files Ltd., Graham Barrow joins us to look at UK legal entities involved in the laundromat money laundering scandal; and to round off our third day Andrew Clarke will consider fraud risks created by the ongoing pandemic. Join them all live respectively at 10am, 10:45am and 11:30am BST.

3 Sessions

Session One (10am) - Fight Fraud and Financial Crime on the 'last mile'

The increase in fraud risk, and its continued sophistication, requires the development of new methods of protection. In this session, Bottomline will share its experience of adding additional anti-fraud layers in payment gateways, protecting payments in the ‘last mile’ (i.e. just before the payments leave the organisation). We will discuss how organisations are protecting themselves using advanced analytics, and will provide examples of both ‘business-as-usual’ fraud cases and cases of catastrophic loss, which are more likely to occur in the ‘last mile’.

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Session Two (10:45am) - Are UK legal entities the oil that keeps laundromats running?

The session will start by reviewing previously unseen bank statements from Danske Bank Estonia, highlighting the UK entities that were involved in this money laundering scandal. We will look at some of them in greater detail before turning our attention to existing active entities that are clearly linked to the same companies that were involved in this laundromat and many others.

Session Three (11:30am) - Fraud risks during the pandemic situation

The session will consider why/how criminals exploit evolving situations; emerging fraud threats during COVID, with a particular focus on customers, supply chain (own firm and customers), and staff (remote working); and anticipated issues for the future. It will include case studies, typologies and counter-fraud best practice.

What you'll learn

  • About emerging methods of fraud protection.
  • How UK entities were involved in a major money laundering scandal.
  • About the role of corporate culture, and the ‘tone from the top’ in implementing robust compliance controls

The Instructors

James Thomas


Ian Smith

Snr Instructional Designer, Wilmington PLC